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What is Smart Homecare?

Smart Homecare (short for Smart Homecare Technology) is the age-independent application of modern technology and services to support people, in health care, health care and elderly care, in the familiar home environment.

The technology can be used in many different ways, such as IoT, apps, sensors, devices or cyber-physical systems.

Ambient Assisted Living represents an important part of Smart Homecare in this context.

To simplify matters, the areas of support in our overview are based on the activities of daily life:

Technology area: Resting and sleeping
Technology area: Motion
Technology: Washing and Clothing
Technology area: Food and drink
Technology area: Separation
Technology area: Regulation of body temperature
Technology area: Breathing
Technology: Security
Technology: Employment
Technology area: Communication
Technology: Meaning & Spirituality
Technology area: Gender

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